School Profile

Ukrainian Parish School

The school was founded by the Most Reverend Ivan Prasko on the 28th of July 1951 and was originally located in St Augustine's Church Hall in Bourke Street, Melbourne. On the 14th of February 1976, the school moved to new premises, built by the parish community. Ten classrooms and a staffroom were located on the ground floor level as part of the Parish Hall building. In September 2010, the Eparchial Council relocated the school to refurbished rooms under the Cathedral.

The school is a non-profit organisation supported by the North Melbourne Parish community of the Ukrainian Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. It operates on Saturdays between 9:00am and 1:30pm and caters for a range of language abilities of students from Kinder age to Year 10. 


  • To nurture love and respect for Ukrainian language
  • To teach and develop Ukrainian language through: listening, speaking, reading & writing
  • To foster an awareness of Ukrainian historical perspectives and contemporary Ukrainian issues
  • To nurture Ukrainian culture and traditions
  • To develop Christian values and learn about the Ukrainian Catholic Eastern Rite
  • To provide students an opportunity to make new friends and interact in a Ukrainian environment.


The school is fully accredited by the Victorian Education Department and aligned with its guidelines and those set by the Ukrainian Education Council of Australia. Programs are sequential with a focus on integrating key learning areas. The school caters for a wide range of language abilities, from beginners to proficient users. It offers students many performance opportunities and experiences of Ukrainian celebrations and traditions and also provides opportunities to participate in Parish life and cultural events organized by the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria.

School Management

The School Parent Committee ensures the financial viability of the school. It holds regular meetings and a General Meeting. The school canteen is run by a team of managers, assisted by parents on a duty roster. Tuition fees are set by the Committee and supplemented by a Government Student Grant and sponsorship from the Ukrainian Credit Cooperative Dnister. The school website, launched in 2012, is actively maintained and updated with news and events.
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