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Ukrainian Independence Day, 17-Aug-2014

posted Aug 29, 2014, 4:13 AM by Ukischool Nm   [ updated Aug 30, 2014, 5:25 AM ]
Ukrainians - hard-working, generous and gifted are recognised all over the world by the beauty and magical charm of embroidery – Vyshyvanka.

The history of Ukraine’s people is closely linked and intertwined with vyshyvka – its traditions, rituals, culture, creativity, joy and sorrow, victory and defeat and hope for the future. Vyshyvanka is the eternal symbol of spirituality of the Ukrainian nation, and right now also a symbol of freedom and independence.

Ukrainian women have engaged in vyshyvannya for centuries. This method of needlework is said to recreate the soul and character of a woman because she puts all her feelings and dreams into each stitch in order to bring joy to herself and others. Ukrainian women embroider to bring luck and protection to their sons and daughters –  it is motherly love and prayer that protects her children from harm on the journey of life. It is therefore no wonder that Ukrainian ancestors attributed great healing and protective properties to Vyshyvanka believing that it improved human energy and power.

Ukrainian vyshyvanka is at the height of its popularity right now and is becoming more and more a fashion statement in itself. Even Hollywood stars are being spotted in Ukrainian embroidered blouses. Designers are actively using embroidered flowers and traditional designs on shirts, blouses and dresses in their collections.

So, to be beautiful and up with the latest fashion trends you do not necessarily need to spend money on beauticians and brand name clothing … all you need to do is put your vyshyvanka on.

We would now like to present to you the young boys and girls of our Ukrainian community who are show casing their interpretation of modern Ukrainian vyshyvanka.

We invite you all to travel with us into the magical world of Ukrainian vyshyvanka.